• Minh Tri Quality Management provides a high and consistent quality level. Delivery is always on time with customers’ requests. QC team conducts frequent checkof the production in the process. Minh Tri prides itself on Innovative design and constantly developing new ranges and its group of CAD designers.
  • We easily meet international standards by adopting the latest quality control systems that involve 100% checks at three key stages during the manufacturing process. Many manufacturing companies choose to test a sample of their goods before shipment while we scrutinize every single piece of furniture.
  • Ensuring a high level of quality is essential, especially when manufacturing furniture in a developing country, which is why we implement three key stages during our checks, allowing us to surpass international standards with ease.

  • Our first stage check focuses on the construction of the furniture to examine if the structure of the piece is sound.

  • The second stage sees our quality control team checking the finishing, be it sanding, spraying or painting of the piece so its appearance meets the client’s expectations.

  • The third stage examines the packaging, ensuring all the basic but essential parts are included and the furnishing is ready for shipment. Such as the inclusion of the assembly kit, before testing the external packaging to confirm the furniture will not sustain damage during shipment.
  • Any potential problems with a piece of furniture are identified early and rectified immediately before going through our three key stages of quality control again.
  • Minh Tri always works towards the goal of 100% quality standard and takes every possible precaution to ensureonly thebest product is shipped to the client.

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